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  • Best Buddies UK

    Active Impact is represented on the founding board of Best Buddies UK. Our Development Manager Philip Douch is one of the Directors of this new national organisation.
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  • Best Buddies began in the USA where it now has a high profile and groups (or ‘chapters’) spread across the States. There are several arms to its work but the core of the organisation is the promotion and support of one-to-one friendships between disabled and non-disabled peers. The original US model has now been tweaked and developed across many other countries around the world. 
    Best Buddies UK is currently in its infancy but is starting to look for opportunities to set up local groups.

    Special and mainstream schools can join forces to set up a local Best Buddies chapter; other interested organisations can do so as well. We are also considering whether Active Impact itself might support a Best Buddies set-up for young people who have been on our Of Course We Can programme. 

    It’s early days, but it looks like this could be an exciting way forward after we learned some lessons about this type of work from our Bunches of Mates pilot work last year.