Guidance for Referrers

  • Guidance for referrals to the Of Course We Can programme

    The current brochure of Of Course We Can events is available here.

    Of Course We Can events provide opportunities for small groups of disabled children and young people to enjoy short break activities alongside non-disabled young people. They usually take place either over a two night residential period or for four or five hours a day over half a dozen Saturday/Sunday/school holiday daytimes.

    50% of places are reserved for disabled children and young people who have a Personal Budget following a CAF or core assessment and whose involvement in one or more of our events has been agreed as part of their plan. All such referrals must be made by their lead professional/social worker completing the secure online referral form.
    It is best to apply early, not just to secure a place but to give plenty of time for the provider to talk with the family and plan to meet the child’s particular requirements. It may still be worth asking the provider if there are places available nearer the start of an event, but places are opened up more widely if places remain unfilled five weeks before an event.
    Families with children who are not using Personal Budgets to pay for their event can apply direct to the event provider. 

    Making a referral

    As the child/young person’s lead professional/social worker you should:
    • In conjunction with child/young person and parent/s, find the most appropriate event in the brochure. You and/or the family can speak with the provider’s contact person if it would be useful to have extra information about one or more events.
    • Check brochure to ensure the child/young person is eligible to take part. We plan to ensure that the programme as a whole offers something for everyone.
    • Get in touch with the provider’s contact person to see if there are still places available, or if a referral will go onto a waiting list, before promising anything to the family or sending the referral form to the provider. 
    • Agree with family whether you or they are paying the event fee to the provider, or what split is agreed between you. Ensure that funding has been agreed through your management process before making the referral.
    • If the child/young person requires 1:1 or 2:1 assistance, there may be additional costs.The costs of any additional support may also come from the Individual Budget if the child is attending an event as part of their agreed and funded support plan.
    • Tell the family that the provider will be in touch to discuss their child’s particular requirements and how to meet them.
    • Send the referral form via the secure website.
    • You will need a copy of the referral you have made. For data security reasons, this can’t be emailed to you.  So, when the ‘Thank you for your referral’ message comes up with a copy of the details you have just submitted, click on the PRINT button in the bottom right hand corner to get a hard copy for your records.
    • Provider will confirm place with family and with you.

    Referring to more than one event

    If it contributes to meeting their assessed needs, you can refer a child/young person to more than one event, whereas non-referred children/young people are restricted to one event from each brochure in order to ensure that lots of different young people can take part in the programme.


    Of Course We Can events are run by many different organisations.
    The Of Course We Can programme as a whole is coordinated by Caroline Eardley, Philip Douch and Jane Douch at Active Impact – or 01453 298337.
    To make a referral go to the secure online referral form!