Inclusion Needs You Training

  •  The next course open to anyone working in Gloucestershire will be in May/June – the booking form will be available soon.

    The background information

    As part of our contract with Gloucestershire County Council we are delighted to be running our popular Inclusion Needs You training programme – free high quality training on including disabled children and young people in all sorts of settings, groups and activities. The training is led by a variety of trainers including Philip Douch.  A disabled trainer and a local parent of a disabled child co-deliver Session 1.
    Guaranteed to get you laughing and thinking about how to include disabled children and young people in ordinary provisions.
    Designed for everyone working with children and young people outside of school – in playschemes, youth groups, activity groups, after school clubs, nurseries and childminding, or in sports and arts sessions.
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  • ‘Really insightful and thought-provoking’

    ‘Most valuable training I have been on’

    ‘Beautifully structured, charismatically delivered, fun and positive’

    ‘Both trainers were completely informed and up to date and passionate’

    ‘Much more confident. I now feel empowered!’

    ‘It completely changed my perception of disabled people.
    Thank you for taking me out of my ignorance’

  • Getting experience with disabled children and young people

    The link below gives you information about a number of different ways in which you can get experience with disabled children and young people in other settings. This may help to reinforce the training by giving you hands-on experience and confidence to welcome disabled children and young people into your own setting.

  • Inclusion Needs You – summary of training programme

    The Inclusion Needs You training programme is available through Active Impact, our Gloucestershire-based Community Interest Company. The programme was first devised by Gloucestershire County Council as part of its Short Breaks Pathfinder Project.

    The Inclusion Needs You training programme comprises five sessions. The first two are the core sessions; we recommend that you do those first. The remaining three are more focused on particular issues. You can do the whole set or you can ‘pick and mix’. The overall aim is to develop practitioners’ attitudes, confidence and skills to ensure that disabled children are welcome, safe and able to take part in mainstream provision. We make sure that the training looks at important issues in a fun and participative way.

    The training can also be purchased for staff teams or particular groups within and beyond Gloucestershire. 

    Please contact us at: or on 01453 298337
    1. Introduction to Inclusion

    – this 5 hour session is co-delivered by Philip Douch (Active Impact Development Manager and national writer and trainer in inclusion) together with a skilled disabled colleague and a parent of a disabled child. It looks at what we mean by inclusion and disability; the attitudes that we bring to working with disabled children, and thinking creatively to respond effectively to individual children – making ‘reasonable adjustments’ in legal terms.

    2. Practical Inclusion

    – Philip leads this very hands-on 5 hour session – lots of games for everyone to have a go at and then to reflect on. Is it inclusive? How would we make it inclusive? And some more general thinking about the practicalities of including everyone and what that might mean. We also look at opportunities in Gloucestershire to gain direct experience with disabled children and young people.

    (We may also link you, where appropriate, to training designed specifically for sports providers and arts providers)

    3. Autism awareness

    – this 3 hour session is delivered by the National Autistic Society. Gives insights into children with autistic spectrum disorders and offers guidance on responding helpfully to the individual ways in which the condition manifests itself.

    4. Total Communication

    – this 2 hour session is delivered by Mandy Walton and Jo Tombs of Gloucestershire’s Total Communication (GTC) Project. This training explores the importance of empowering each individual to communicate effectively through a range of methods such as signing and symbol use. Session 1 will introduce the GTC philosophy and approaches, signing and symbol use.
    You can choose to attend a second session which completes GTC course 1. Session 2 will develop your understanding of visual aids such as symbols and the role of communicative partners.

    5. Positive Behavioural Support

    – this 3 hour session will help you understand how you might be able to prevent some challenging behaviour from occurring and how best to respond if it does occur, especially amongst children and young people who have learning disabilities. We’ll look at what causes the behaviour, how to plan to reduce it, and what practical strategies you can use to address it whilst remaining positive and respectful.

    6. Moving and Handling

    We no longer organise sessions on Moving and Handling.

    If you would like this kind of training, National Star College may be able to help or there are a number of course providers who are listed if you put “Moving and Handling training in Gloucestershire” into an online search engine. Active Impact cannot recommend any of the online training organisations as we have no personal experience of their quality.

    Contact the Star Training team on 01242 534929 or send an email to