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  • The Mobiloo is a unique facility. It enables all disabled children and adults to use the toilet and/or be changed with dignity and respect when they wish to go to events and activities across Gloucestershire – events from which they are too often excluded by the absence of the necessary changing facilities. 

    But the Mobiloo solves the problem! It is fitted with sophisticated facilities and – no bigger than a horse box – it can go to pretty much any location. 

    And because there is such a great demand both within Gloucestershire and all over the UK,  there are now three Mobiloos available with three Mobiloo trailers on the road!

  • What’s it got?

    The original Mobiloo has an electric hoist, a toilet, a sink, a changing table and a tail-lift. So anyone, whatever the extent of their physical condition, can take part in what you’re doing. To offer such a basic human right really shouldn’t be a big deal – and now, here in Gloucestershire, it won’t be!
  • Changing table and hoist Dec 14

  • Inside the Mobiloo Dec 14

  • Who can hire it?

    • Organisations of or for disabled people who are setting up an event or are planning to go on day visits or residential breaks
    • Organisers of public events who want to make their attractions genuinely available to all disabled people.
    • Families or groups with a disabled member who’d like to go somewhere together and take their toilet facilities with them (you can’t travel in the vehicle in a wheelchair but the cab will take a driver and two passengers).

    Anyone over 25 with a clean standard driving licence can drive the Mobiloo.

    Volunteer Drivers needed

    Some hirers may want someone else to drive. Let us know if you would be interested in joining our pool of volunteer drivers.


    Financial Support and Sponsors

    You can donate money to help with the running costs of the Mobiloo by going to: 
    We are also looking for businesses and other organisations to sponsor the Mobiloo.
    Contact James Brown if you would be interested in this – or 0300 030 1255