Using One Page Profiles to include all children - that's a good idea!

September 08, 2017

Welcome to our new blog – ‘that’s a good idea’

At Active Impact we are passionate about inclusion for disabled children and young people.  We are a community development organisation, working with local groups and activity providers to support them to become more inclusive.

We love sharing information, resources and useful videos that help organisations create opportunities which disabled and non-disabled children can enjoy together through our training and development work.  So we decided to create a blog that celebrates good ideas and gives other organisations and individuals new ideas of ways to work inclusively.  We’d love you to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future posts.

What do we mean by being ‘inclusive’?  If an activity or club is inclusive it aims to make everyone feel welcome, safe and able to take part.  For disabled children and young people this can mean that a bit more thought has to be given to how activities are organised, ensuring there is good communication, safe, easy access and adaptable and achievable contributions that everyone can make to be part of what is happening.

Making changes to ensure disabled people are able to participate and contribute to their local communities enriches and develops the opportunities available for everyone. Thinking about being inclusive is something all organisations should be doing; not just because there is legislation which protects people from discrimination.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or time consuming and since disabled children and young people already take part in lots of activities there are some great examples available of ways to be inclusive that we can all learn from.


You can see all the resources in Online Inclusion Resources and Information.  In the blog we will be exploring each one in more detail to give you a flavour of how it might help your group to be more inclusive.  In future posts we will also tell you more about how Active Impact helps organisations in Gloucestershire become more inclusive, plus sharing activities and ideas we see happening locally.

Using One Page Profiles to Include All Children

We are starting with this fun, short video and online resources from Scope.  ‘Using One Page Profiles to Include All Children‘ makes a really great learning resource for both staff or young people.  The aim of the resource is to show how ‘One Page Profiles’ can make a difference in ensuring disabled children are included in activities by giving important information about their interests, needs, strengths and skills.  It illustrates how getting young people to help write their profiles and including ‘what people like about me’, ‘what makes me happy’ ‘how you can help me’ gives a holistic picture of the young person rather than focusing only on difficulties they may experience.   Narrated by Warwick Davis, the video introduces four characters.  We see how they interact and solve problems together and there is follow up information on the website about each individual.  There are also links to a variety of profile templates which offer lots of ways to present the information and some very simple but effective and inclusive activities to help young people complete their profile with you.

We would love to know what you think about the resources we share. How have they helped you? If you have any good resources you use, great ideas for games and activities, we’d love to share them in a future post so please do get in touch.

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