'What can we do to be more inclusive' training

  • ‘What Can We Do To Be More Inclusive?’ is a down to earth three hour course for people with responsibility for the development of the organisation they work for. It is designed for small community based organisations and for managers, leaders, committee members and anyone with a designated role or particular interest in equality, diversity and inclusion.

    The course can be run as an introduction for those unused to thinking about including disabled people within their group, club, setting or activity provision. It can also be run as a follow-up for those who have done our Inclusion Needs You training and wish to have some help in applying their learning to their own setting.

    The course is led by a disabled and non-disabled trainer pair. It links closely with our new Inclusive Award, which enables groups and organisations to gain recognition for their determination to be inclusive of disabled people.

    Main topics covered include: 

    • Publicity, Marketing and Communications
    • Policy and Procedures
    • Your leaders – staff or volunteers
    • The Facilities and Staffing Support
    • The Programme
    • Evaluation

    I particularly took away yours and Katie’s common sense approach:

    · you don’t need to be an expert
    · shout about the facilities that we have
    · and to have an inclusion statement that reflects our organisation

    These are in effect action points for us and will really help to focus where we can do better and help to make staff and volunteers more aware.

    — Cheryl Pearson, Westonbirt

    Thanks so much to you and Katie for a good training workshop on Monday. I felt it was pitched just right in terms of being accessible to people new to thinking about how inclusive their groups are and to those who have thought about it a lot and have lived experience of disability.

    — Hannah, West Oxford

    I found it really useful and would highly recommend. I’ve already edited our website to hopefully make it more inclusive.

    — Annabel, Lechlade