• Working to create fun opportunities for disabled and non-disabled young people together

  • Den building on Of Course We Can Event

    Of Course We Can

    Join our exciting programme of fun activity events for small groups of disabled and non-disabled young people together.

  • training

    Inclusion Needs You Training

    Free high quality training on including disabled children and young people in all sorts of settings, groups and activities.

  • Inclusion Guidance Booklet front cover Inclusion Support and Guidance booklet

    Free booklet to give local organisations ideas about training, resources, funding and networks to support them in including disabled young people in their work

  • volunteering

    Volunteering Opportunities

    Great opportunities for young people and adults to help us – such as supporting people on Of Course We Can events or driving the Mobiloo.

  • We create opportunities for disabled children and young people so they can:

    • Challenge themselves to do more than they and others expect
    • Change the way that they see themselves and how others see them
    • Show that they have talents to offer rather than just needs to be met
    • Share friendships with non-disabled young people
    • Take their rightful place in their local communities

    Another opportunity to improve skills working with young people with #learningdisabilities.

    Looks like something every school which wants to ensure everyone of it's pupils get a good education would want it's teachers to have access to.

    Our most recent newsletter is now available online! follow the link to have a look at what we've been up to!

    https://t.co/AEsYmwXhpT https://t.co/AEsYmwXhpT

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  • Of Course We Can

    Here’s the brochure for our inclusive short breaks programme for Autumn/Winter 2018-19.  A really exciting line up of activities for young people up to 25 years old, grant funded by Gloucestershire County Council to keep the costs low.  If you like the look of an event contact the provider using the details on the page. Get ready to have fun!

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    • She is more prepared to try out new things. This has opened up the future for us.

      Parents say
    • I was worried if she’d be ok but she’s very happy and the events build her confidence.

    • This is life-changing for him and the only time I get to do things with my other kids, stuff we can’t do when he’s around.

    • Every young person needs to learn to take and manage risk. He’s free to make mistakes and try new things and the staff are there for him at the appropriate level.

    • She really made some great friendships at the event and definitely enjoyed taking part. I’ve noticed significant increases in confidence and independence.

  • Active Impact CIC is a social enterprise based in Gloucestershire. 

    We are established as a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.