Of Course We Can

  • What it is

  • Of Course We Can is a programme of weekend and holiday activities that gives you the chance to do something different. 
    We think there’s something for everyone in the Autumn/Winter brochure and even if you need lots of help to take part, we’ll do everything we can to welcome you.
    Click on this link for the current brochure covering activities for this Autumn – Winter – Of Course We Can Brochure for Autumn/Winter 2018-19

    Try out Halloween Beats and Bleeps, Creative Constructions, Grow it, cook it, eat it and many other fun activities …

    You can also get a paper copy of these brochures by contacting Susan – info@activeimpact.org.uk or phoning 01453 298337.

    Further information about activities run by other organisations in Gloucestershire can be found on the glosfamilydirectory – www.glosfamiliesdirectory.org.uk or by contacting The Family Information service on 0800 542 0202

  • What young people say..

    “I liked abseiling and white water rafting. I like a bit of adventure and trying out things that are a bit dangerous.”
    “I like going fast on go-karts”
    “It’s nice to sleep at new places”
    “I drove a Land Rover with an automatic gearbox. It made me feel big and powerful and like the world is my oyster.”
    “I liked the fact that people listened to my ideas.”
    “I like making new friends”
  • Parents say..

    “He is more prepared to try out new things. This has opened up the future for us.”
    “He is more assertive, confident, prepared to try new things, initiate and suggest ideas. I am rested, relieved and happy.”
     “Our daughter doesn’t take us for granted after she’s been away”
    “Not just like respite but full on activities that he loves and can’t do with the family”
    “She comes back with much more confidence. She feels part of a special group” 
    “Anything is possible …….. 
  • Volunteering ....

    A vital part of Of Course We Can activities is the involvement of volunteers – young people, adults, disabled or not.  We will provide support and help you to find the right event for you.

    There’s more information on our Volunteering webpage.


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  • Guidance for Partner Providers and others

    Click on the link below for the extensive guidance and information for all our Partner Providers and other organisations / people who work with disabled and non-disabled children and young people.

    Guidance and Information for Partner Providers and others

  • The Of Course We Can Programme is financially supported this year by:

    Gloucestershire County Council

    Barnwood Trust

    Gloucestershire Community Foundation (Freemasons Grants Programme)